A Poet and a Dandy

January 22, 2016

Oh, those old times! The times when people were talking about the outrageously fresh Nietzsche and were blushing reading that shameless Freud. The times when everything was possible and almost nothing known. The times when a man owning a fresh white shirt was considered a proper dandy. The times when the only way for a guy to get a girl was to become a poet.

But being a poet not only means writing some deep stuff, rhyming ‘heart’ with ‘blood’. No, no, you need to look like one. Oh yeah, you need to look like a saint! You need to look like a demon! You, my friend, need to look like someone who knows everything about dreams and nightmares, God and the Devil, eternity and all that other stuff which helps you to come into possession of the most precious gift of all – a girl’s soul. And, if you are really good, her panties (or whatever they wore in the end of the nineteenth century).

Alas (always wanted to use that word, but never got the chance… Until now!), the only person you’ve got as a mentor, your best friend and role model is me. Still, behold! May you see the visuals of Übermensch, a Superhuman, a Poet and a Dandy for your style reference.

‘Oh you, the lost souls of Atlantis!.. Damn, where is that chick anyway? It’s been ages!’

You can’t go wrong with a white pocket square. Unless it’s been used as a handkerchief before…

Don’t like the way that shirt collar sits? Just cut it off. With scissors. I’m serious.

The distressed edges and a higher rise add some real character to these cotton trousers.

Wanna make your dressy oxfords look a bit more relaxed? Just get rid of the shoe laces and you’ll have a completely different look!

Okay ladies. Was about to drop some sick rhyme here, but decided otherwise. 'Coz I do what I want!

Was about to drop some sick rhyme here, but decided otherwise. ‘Coz I do what I want!


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Photography by: Max Lemesh

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