Missing the Bride

May 21, 2016

We all know those movies where a girl meets a boy, they hang out together and fall in love. But then another cool dude comes along. And he’s so charming, good-mannered, has great style and a promising career. He suits her so much, and she decides to marry him instead.

But as we all know, right on their wedding day she changes her mind and runs away that first guy. Or a vicar. Or a plumber. Or a football team. Depends on the kind of movie you are watching – romantic comedy or hard-core porn. The point is that the poor dude stays alone.

And here he is, standing under those beautiful palm trees in his cream-white trousers, all by himself. All the guests have retreated. He’d let go everyone, eaten most of the wedding cake and fed the rest to her stupid chihuahua (yes, of course she’s left her dog behind! Who needs a dog when you’ve got the whole football team?!).

Now, it’s just him and the photographer, who’s paid for the whole day anyways. And then this good-mannered, promising, highly educated and well-behaved young gentleman says aloud and very clearly:

“Fuck. That. Shit.”

He says: “I know that the filming crew have already moved to their final “Happy End” location. I also know that the football team bus is heading towards the sunset right at this very moment. Now, I may be the one who’s been instantly forgotten. I may be the one who’s just happened to be an insignificant character. But I’m not going be the one who hasn’t got his wedding photo album. No fucking way”.

He shouts: “Hey, camera man! Stop stuffing yourself with those shrimp canapés and get your ass over here! We’ve got some work to do.”

One day you will finally find the love of your life and you’re gonna be together. Who knows, it’s might happen in your next movie! You just have to stay positive. Keep looking into your bright future. Don’t think about murders and mutilating people. Stay positive!

Hand-rolled white pocket square is the best way to show your potential bride that your intentions are pure and honest.

The combination of a double-breasted charcoal blazer and a double-cuff white shirt will open the doors to any respectable household, let alone the hearts of your Instagram followers.

Nowadays the length of a contemporary blazer would be as short as the memory of those who used to think that Thom Browne was a crazy person.  Embrace it with open heart, because you have no other choice.

A beautiful lapel pin completes the whole “special occasion” look. The tail of the tie is deliberately visible – that’s how the cool dudes wear it.

I remember the time when it was forbidden to put anything in your blazer’s pockets. They even stayed stitched in to avoid any temptation. Those cruel days are over! Put your hand in your pocket or even stuff it in with a light summer scarf. Fashion, baby!

“My dear unknown future bride! Look into my sad eyes. I’m standing here, under the palm trees, in my cream-white trousers, waiting for you to come and take me into our own sunset. Love you in advance! Yours, Another Cool Dude. P.S. Hurry! The camera man’s totally hitting on me!”


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Photography by: Max Lemesh 


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