Platform 7B

June 11, 2016

It’s time to go. Time to leave everything behind.

Farewell, my God Abandoned City!

Goodbye, dirty dark back streets with your angry little whirlwinds, made of plastic bags and forgotten telephone numbers, written on the cocktail napkins. So long, pitiful drunkards, spending the rest of their broken lives, generously sharing the unwanted wisdom at the poorly lit bars. Adieu, shady drug-dealers, glued to the street corners, the kings of supply and demand.

I remember you well, my dear God Abandoned City. Your voices, echoing in the stairwells of old apartment buildings; your midnight emergency sirens; your tears from a flat above.

But it’s time for me to go. Today, at 8:45 pm from the Platform 7B, I will depart to a magical land. The land, where the sun never goes down, where the palm trees are tall, where the girls on roller-blades wear tiny denim shorts, blowing live-asserting bubbles from their strawberry flavoured bubble-gum.

They have many names for this radiant place. But I call it the City of Hope, City of Dreams, City of Future!

The shimmering lights of my magical city are waiting for me. They’re calling my name… My name, typed on the immaculately white plastic badge, right above my exciting new tittle, with a tastefully red and deliciously yellow logo on the side. My understatedly stylish grey uniform, crisp and new, is waiting for me in my personally assigned locker.

I’m light-headed and nervous. How is it going to be? Will my company cap fit me properly? What kind of specials we’d have on the menu? Is my team as success-driven and result-orientated as myself?

I’m thinking of perfectly aligned tables, carefully selected background music, and our welcoming smiles. These thoughts give me steady power and assurance.

Now I am ready. I’m going to build my new life here. I’m going to build my bright future here. I’m going to become the most dedicated and loyal employee the Company have ever seen!

I am free from all the wrong, all the false, all the unnecessary. My smile is wide, my eyes are kind, my voice is strong.

And while waiting for my shiny train, standing right here, on the Platform 7B, I keep repeating the most important phrase of all:

“Welcome to Burger King! My name is Wojciech. May I take your order?”

“Welcome to Burger King! My name is Wojciech. May I take your order?”

“Welcome to Burger King! My name is Wojciech. May I take your order?”


This coat is a perfect garment to compliment the turtle-neck knit.


Good brogues cannot be too worn-out. With age, they simply become a softer, a university-professor-like version of a dress shoe.


Accentuate your look with the right kind of details. And don’t forget that the fabric plays the most important role here. May I present you hand-woven Donegal tweed. They don’t make coats like this anymore.


Rough tweed, soft corduroy, thick leather – this outfit is the quintessence of autumn.


This bag is something that gives character to the whole look.


I see my City of Future in front of me, the place of endless possibilities!


I have to go now. The train is about to leave. Goodbye, Platform 7B!


Photography by: Max Lemesh


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