Sartorial Summer Outfit

February 17, 2017

Let’s cut to the chase. At the end of the day, it is a men’s style blog here, for Christ’s sake, and not some melodramatic, pseudo-philosophical bag of crap! (But if, for some reason, you’re into that as well, read the rest of the posts on this blog – they’re pretty much it.)

First of all, you would need a proper summer shirt. Pretty straight-forward, right? No, it doesn’t mean that it’s supposed to be a short sleeve shirt. What are you, seven? And it is not a Hawaiian shirt, either. If you’re not a drug-dealer, of course…

Your summer shirt should be of a thin fabric (cotton, linen, or a blend of the two), slim cut (because, most definitely, you will wear it without anything on top, and it needs to look perfect) and, obviously, comfortable to wear. It might be wrinkled if you think that you could pull this look off. Roll your sleeves up and open an extra button – it’s baking hot, remember?

Your summer trousers would require all of the above characteristics. They should be thin, of a good cut, and comfortable. You CAN go with a pair of shorts as well, but if you do, do me a favour, tread lightly. They need to be dressy enough to match the shirt (no excessive details, please) and short enough to show up your knees (not too high though, you don’t wanna end up looking like a Swedish porn actor from the 70’s).

I guess, you can go with jandals, but it’s boring. Simple canvas lace-up shoes would be great. Espadrilles would be even better.

And the last one. Get the lightest cotton or linen cardigan you can find. No structure – no sweat. It still needs to fit you well though. Push the sleeves up and keep it open. You don’t have to have it on all the time  – it might be simply too hot for a second layer. Just keep it close by, will ya?

Now your sartorial summer look is complete. Voilà, you are the dopest gentleman standing on the bridge!

(Truth be told, you are also THE only person standing on that bridge in the middle of the working day. Everyone else’s got a proper job and more important shit to do, than to talk about stupid clothes and looking pretty. But this is a different and very sad story…)


Tuck your shirt in if you feel like it. You don’t want it to look too tidy, though, so, just the front part would be enough.


Good colour matching might be a nice touch…

Band collar is something I’m really keen on. It makes the look simpler.

The more linen, the better.


“Oh shit, there’s some dude heading this way. There is a small chance that he’d be dressed better than me. So, it would be smart to get the hell out of here right now, if I wanna keep my “The Dopest Gentleman on the Bridge” title…


Shop similar:

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Gentryportofino Linen Cardigan – $131

Bronx Canvas Espadrilles – $30


Photography by: Max Lemesh


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