Too Cool for Us

August 4, 2017

We all got this weird, unreasonably expensive, unbelievably awesome item of clothing in our wardrobe, which we never wear, because it’s simply too cool for us. We feel intimidated by that thing. It always reminds us of what our life could be if only we were, well, better than we actually are. You know, cooler, smarter, luckier, more fit, more sociable, more determined – all that jazz.

And we fucking hate being reminded of that. It’s not good for our well-being. Our nice, comfortable, mediocre well-being needs to be protected from those overwhelming mind games of wasted possibilities, wrong turns and impulsive actions. At any given moment of time we want to be sure that we’ve done alright. And that thing hanging in the further end of the wardrobe always says otherwise. It’s laughing at us, the damn bastard!

But sometimes we need a bit of a shake-down. We need to start dreaming big again. We need to feel alive. Some people start doing drugs, others decide to go thought some extreme New Age style cleansing. And me, I just put on my weird, unreasonably expensive, unbelievably cool leather coat and go for a walk.


Okay, I’ve got a hood on. But why do I have this look on my face like I’m wearing a crown?


I’m like motherfucking Samson – my hair is my power! (*victorious laughter*)


That’s me standing. (I’m really enjoying writing these captions!)


The story is, there actually was a vase full of white roses painted on the back of this coat. Of course, I painted it over. We all have our limitations, you know…


The rest of my outfit is deliberately simple in order to make a focus on the leather coat. Always follow this rule while wearing something exceptional.


I know, what I’m doing here looks weird. But so are you, if you’re still reading this. Welcome to the club.


Photography by: Max Lemesh


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