White Pants Attitude

September 27, 2017

The world of luxury is not an easy game. You gotta sort your shit out first if you wanna succeed in that field. You can’t just be that nice guy, who smiles openly and gives friendly, in-depth advices for free. You’ve got a fucking decanter at home, for Christ’s sake! That’s how luxurious you are. It’s doesn’t matter that you know fuck all about wine, no one does. Decanter is a milestone. You’re kinda signing up for being a pretentious prick, once you open the box.

People rely on you, you know. They are weak. They might not know it just yet, but they are truly in need of your arrogant looks, condescending remarks, and know-it-all behaviour. Them fools want you to tell them what to do, what to wear, how to behave. They practically beg you to cloud their vision with stories about the limited edition watches, exclusive spa-salons, and safari trips to Botswana. They’re like “PLEASE! Take our money!” And you’re like “Uhmm, okay”. It’s hard to resist, right?

Just be convincing and you’re gonna be fine. It would really help if you were a real douche from the beginning, you know, since your very childhood. Because those guys are naturals, the true kings of luxury.

But if you weren’t lucky enough to be born with that precious gift of doucheness, I’ve got a simple trick for you, buddy. Start wearing white pants. As often as you can. Wear them like you mean it. And then people will start to feel the magic in the air – your White Pants Attitude.

Always look a bit annoyed. People will get nervous while being around you. And nervous is good, we can work with that.

Band-collared white shirt – I consider it one of the essentials in a gentleman’s wardrobe.


You can’t walk with me.

One day if you’re good, I’m gonna show you how to roll your pants up in a way that everyone’s gonna be like: “OMG! This guy knows his shit”.


Just casually showing you how cool my belt is…

Approximately one inch – that’s how much of your shirt’s cuff should be seen from underneath the blazer’s sleeve.


Just make sure that you pockets are deep enough to stuff in all those benjamins after you’re done with your glorious White Pants presentation.


Photography by: Max Lemesh


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